About Us

Hi, we are Ben and Cassie. We created this blog to be a safe space for sharing our experiences and knowledge gained about porn addiction. Recently, Cassie became aware of Ben’s porn addiction and we have been struggling to work through it together, and as individuals.

Porn addiction is a particularly complicated addiction. Due to its taboo nature, it is seldom talked about and very little research has been done. We think the opposite needs to happen. We need to talk about it as much as we can. We need to bring to light every ounce of research that has been done on porn addiction and encourage more research. We need to bring porn addiction out of the shadows; only then can people start to recognize and begin to make changes.

Another important goal we have, is providing a resource for partners of those who are addicted to porn. The person who is addicted often receives more support than their partners. The partner is left to deal with their own emotions through the process and is left feeling powerless, confused, and afraid. We hope to be a place where family, friends, and significant others can come to learn and not feel alone in this fight.

We are making this blog to help us learn, get closer by working on something together, bring awareness to porn addiction, provide a space for partners of porn addicts, connect with others in similar positions, and most importantly, to help people move away from and enjoy life after porn.

P.S. Ben and Cassie are not out real names. The topic is so taboo in our society we feel that using our real names could negatively affect the way people and employers might treat us. We would like to see this change in our lifetime.