Ways my brain tries to get me to start using porn

This post will be updated consistently

My brain is constantly thinking of ways to look at something sexual without maybe crossing the line of using porn. I know deep down that I shouldn’t be them, but sometimes my brain provides some kind of rationale that tricks me in the moment.

This post is a list of all of the ways my brain tries to get me to view porn or something sexual. I need a place to record them. I need to get them out into the universe and outside of my head. I think that will help me from acting on them.

WARNING: This post WILL contain triggers, and please do not use this to get ideas. All of these are terrible ideas, and should not be pursued.

Search a porn stars name I can remember.

This one is sooooo dumb. I don’t know why this one enters my head so often. It’s almost like, well I didn’t search for porn, just a name. My brain says to me, “Search it, it is fine, just to see what her face looks like because you haven’t seen it in so long.”

I don’t think I really need to explain why this one is a bad idea. You don’t need to see that porn star ever again. Don’t search for him/her in any way. That means no Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or anything. I don’t care if the site has all the adult filters on, just don’t do it.

Go find some sexual videos on YouTube

This one has gotten me multiple times as well. “YouTube doesn’t allow porn, you are fine!” Well, the thing is, that YouTube has some very sexual stuff. Maybe hardcore porn isn’t allowed, and even then you can find it if you look hard enough, but very sexual things exist.

Here are some of the things you can find, and are 100% not allowed:

  • Wet T-Shirt contests
  • Girls wearing thongs
  • Twerking videos
  • Girls making out
  • Topless protestors
  • People having orgasms with clothes on
  • Bodypainting
  • Breast surgery before/afters
  • Nude runway models
  • Sex tips/instructional sex videos
  • Cosplay with lots of skin showing
  • Any video of a porn actor/actress
  • Anything that involves nudity (usually some kind of art)
  • Sex scenes from movies
  • Videos of real dolls or other sex toys
  • Strippers or strip teases
  • Bikini models
  • Piercing, Tattooing, or waxing private parts
  • People with transparent clothing
  • Really anything sexual
Search Yelp for strip clubs

This one got me recently. The more apps I delete or website I block, the more desperate “that part of my brain” gets.

Don’t try this, but if you search for strip clubs on yelp, you can find some have a few picture of the strippers, usually in lingerie. Come on man! This is porn! Don’t even think about it.

Find porn or scantily clad women on social media (Reddit, facebook, twitter)

This one was my crux. It was impossible for me to make progress at this and still use Reddit, facebook, and twitter.

Porn is too accessible on these. I don’t care what filter you put on, porn is right around the corner.

Probably 1/4 of reddit is porn… Don’t go on it. This one hurt me a lot. I used to go on reddit 2-4 hours a day. I did not see any progress until I cut it out. I highly advise anyone trying to quit porn to do the same.

While Facebook has some filters, they are not enough for a struggling porn addict. Before I removed access to Facebook, a few times I found myself on pages I shouldn’t be on. People create these pages to get followers so they can hopefully make money off of them. They title the page or group something like “People Who Like Big Boobs” and then post images and videos which just barely meet facebook’s nudity/sexual content limits. This of course, get them the highest amount of likes. It also makes it really bad for those with a porn addiction.

Porn is allowed on twitter. And if you have a porn addiction, you will find it. I did. I do not allow myself on Twitter anymore. There are too many pornstars trying to gain a following on Twitter. And if you are tempted to see if your favorite pornstar has a Twitter page with nudes, the answer is yes. Don’t even look.

Snapchat and Instagram
Both of these allow you to follow posts of specific people. You can easily follow and get updates from pornstars or even just view their profile.

In addition, they both have a discover page. In snapchat they have stories you can view of events that often have provocative images. In Instagram, you can find profiles of scantily clad women with a few button taps. Stay away from Instagram and Snapchat.

Are you addicted to porn?

Porn addiction can sneak up on you. You may be addicted to porn without even realizing it. I was. I thought what I was doing was normal, everyone does it. Then I tried to quit. I couldn’t get past a couple of days without letting myself slip. I took a simple test like the one below and thought to myself, “Am I addicted to porn?”

This is a very common path for a lot of porn users. For one reason or another, he or she tries to stop using porn and finds that his or her brain can’t stop thinking about it. There is a compulsion to view something sexual.

The first step to quitting porn and living a happy life is realizing and admitting you are addicted to porn.

Porn Addiction Test

Below I have created a simple test to help you see if you have a problem. By no means is this scientific, but it can give you some insights into your relationship with porn.

How often do you view or watch pornography?
How often do you watch porn when you know you should be doing something else?
Do you find yourself looking at porn when it's really not an appropriate time or place? (Work, school, public places, etc.)
While masturbating, is it difficult/unejoyable to climax without porn?
Have your pornography preferences become more extreme?
Do you find yourself skipping in-person interactions, then finding yourself using porn instead?
Do you sometimes start viewing pornography when you are not aroused?
Do you look forward to being alone so you can view pornography?
Do you use porn to alleviate negative feelings? (Anxiousness, boredom, loneliness, tiredness, sleeplessness, sadness, anger, etc.)

I hope the porn addiction test above helped you understand your relationship with pornography a little better. This test should be a starting point in your investigation of porn addiction. Now, I would like to talk a little more in depth about discovering your relationship with porn.

Addiction is sneaky. Very rarely do people realize they are becoming addicted. It truly makes me happy that you are here. Whether you are addicted or not, you know that it is a possibility, and you want to find out.

In my opinion, to really determine if you are addicted to porn, only two questions matter:

  1. Is porn harming your life in some way?
  2. Can you not stop using it, despite trying?

You may have never thought about those two questions in depth. Please honestly ask yourself those two questions. Let’s go over them:

1. Is porn harming your life in some way?

You may not know the answer to this one right away. When I was deep in my addiction, I never stopped and reflected as to whether porn was harming me. But this question is far more nuanced than it may seem.

Does porn harm my life? Well, let’s break it down.

  • Have I had to lie to others do to my porn usage?
  • Do I view it when it is most likely an inappropriate time or place?
  • Has it hurt my relationship with family or significant others?
  • Do I have social anxiety, most likely from removing myself from social situations and viewing porn instead?
  • Has porn hurt my finances or job?
  • Do I procrastinate by using porn?
  • Do I stay up late, hurting my sleep, because I am watching porn?

Do you feel any of the above are true? If so, then porn is harming your life. You are not alone. For me, every single one of the above was true.

2. Can you not stop using it, despite trying?

This one is easier to determine, but if you were like me, you may have never tried to give up porn.

One day, after reading about some of the benefits of quitting of porn, I decided to give quitting a try. I made it 2 days. I tried again: 1 day. It took many of these attempts to finalize realize that I am addicted to porn.

So, have you tried giving it up? How did it go?

If it was really easy, you could give it up for a month no problem, then maybe you don’t have a problem.

If it was much harder than you thought it was going to be, or if you couldn’t fully quit porn, then you might be addicted.

If you haven’t tried stopping, please try. It is the true test.

I hope this helped you figure out whether you are addicted to porn or not.

Remember, if you want to contact me for anything at all, use the contact page. Do not hesitate to send a message to me. I am here for you.